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Frenchy and Monday Night Football go way back. Ten years back! When creating live action paintings of MNF you can find Frenchy on ESPN’s set or on the field, absorbing the kinetic buzz of the scene and transferring it to the canvas. The tables have turned and this time he is the subject of their gaze.  Allie Stoneberg from ESPN Front Row, a blog taking a look at the action behind the scenes of the storied sports network, took some time to talk with Frenchy about his history with ESPN and some of his favorite moments.

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Frenchy Paints ESPN MNF in Denver

September 24th, 2013
ESPN Monday Night Football
Oakland vs Denver

Frenchy was back with the Monday Night Football crew for the 3rd MNF game of the 2013-14 season as Denver took on Oakland at Mile High. He began the evening creating a live painting of the set and hosts of Monday Night Countdown, which includes Frenchy’s close friend, Suzie Kolberg, as well as  49er legend, Steve Young, Trent Dilfer, and the newest member of the Countdown team, Ray Lewis.

After the PreGame concluded, Frenchy moved down to the field to begin work on another live action painting. This one of of Broncos QB, Peyton Manning. The painting clearly depicts Peyton’s famous on-field control. He is under center, surveying the defense and calling an audible while the center and guard communicate. ESPN also gave Frenchy a little air time in the 4th quarter.

Frenchy will be back in New Orleans later this week and preparing for next week’s Monday Night Football game (September, 20 2013) in New Orleans when his undefeated Saints take on the 3-0 Dolphins in the Superdome. Look for Frenchy on the sidelines doing what he does best. See ya Monday night!

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Frenchy Paints Coach Jon Gruden’s QB Camp

Building on his relationship with the ESPN Monday Night Football team, Frenchy sat in for three sessions of Jon Grudens QB Camp down in Tampa, Florida.

Last Tuesday, March 12,  Frenchy painted his first of the three sessions. This was with Ryan Nassib, the star Syracuse QB who is projected to be drafted early in the 2nd round.

Monday, March 18 was the next and featured Arkansas star QB, Tyler Wilson, who is also projected to go early in the second round of the NFL draft.

Gruden QB Camp w/ Tyler Wilson

Tuesday, March19 was the last live painting session and this time it was with Oklahoma’s quarterback, Landry Jones. Landry is projected to go a little later, maybe the 3rd or 4th round.

Gruden QB Camp w/ Landry Jones

Sitting in with Super Bowl XXXVII Champion Coach Jon “Chucky” Gruden and crew was a great experience for Frenchy building on both his relationship with Coach and the ESPN MNF family. Frenchy looks forward to this upcoming season so stay tuned for some performance paintings from the 2013 MNF season.

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Monday Night Football

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Monday Night Football in Atlanta

Frenchy took stage once again during the last Monday Night Football game of the 2010 season in Atlanta while the Falcons took on the New Orleans Saints.  He started off the evening by painting the ESPN MNF Pre-Game show from the sidelines then continued on by painting a live action shot of Drew Brees.   During the Pre-Game ESPN featured Frenchy and Stewart Scott gave him a nice shot out…….gotta love our ESPN family.

Check out our photos on of the entire days’ progress from when Frenchy entered the stadium until everyone was gone.  Please visit our Football section of the website to view the full versions of these two paintings.

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