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Frenchy Live Channel
CBS Super Bowl PreGame Frenchy Tease
Frenchy worked with the CBS Sports PreGame crew over a two day span creating this Commercial / Tease which was aired at 4pm EST on CBS Super Bowl Sunday. Three 4' x 5 paintings were created for this commercial, one representing the Baltimore Ravens, the other representing the San Francisco 49'ers and the final painting of the coveted Lombardi Trophy positioned in front of the Superdome.

What is Live Painting?

We throw the terms “live painting” and “performance painting” around a lot on this site and realize maybe not everyone is sure what it is. If you’re familiar with Frenchy then you know. If you’re new to the Frenchy scene then maybe we better explain a little more.

Live painting can be planned or improvisational art where artists create a painting in a public setting in real time. Often, live painting is of a musical event, cultural event, corporate party, wedding, or some sort of gathering. This lends to the performance aspect of the creation. For instance, if the painter is capturing the performance of a live rock band on canvas he can entertain the crowd as he paints while the music and the crowd energy feeds the painter. Where a fine art piece is generally completed by the artist in a studio or private space, a live painting is executed in and during the event and the artist uses his style to interpret the energy and the performance taking place.

Frenchy is an artist located in New Orleans that creates fine art pieces including abstracts, portraits, and landscapes, but developed a reputation and following around his dazzling live paintings. Frenchy commands an audience as he creates paintings because he feeds off the energy of the event and the vibe of the audience. Frenchy moves back and forth taking bold strokes on the canvas and adding splashes of color. He often becomes a secondary performance as concertgoers and event attendees gather around him to watch the painting unfold.

Live Painting: Music “Acoustioptics:

This is Frenchy’s nucleus! Surrounded by the sounds of New Orleans and asked to cover some of the world’s biggest bands at shows around the world, Frenchy has immortalized performances at concerts like New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Farm Aid, VooDoo Fest, Hangout Fest, and so much more. He’s captured jazz artists like Rebirth Brass Band, Kermit Ruffins, rockers such as the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and KISS, alternative rock artists like My Morning Jacket, and musical legends such as Allen Toussaint, The Meters, BB King, Fats Domino, Willie Nelson, and Neil Young.

Bela Fleck @ 2003 Bonnaroo Music Festival | 30" x 40"

Bela Fleck | Bonnaroo 2003

Live Painting: Sporting Events

The palpable buzz around sports; boxing, football, basketball – anything – is another environment live painting thrives in. Whether it’s the Olympics, Monday Night Football, or behind the scenes on the set of Mike and Mike in the Morning, or being showcased on MSG Network during Knicks games, Frenchy is there painting the performance as it happens.  Frenchy was the New Orleans Saints Team Artist from 2001 – 2007, painting all the home games  “Live” from the sidelines in the Super Dome.

Miami vs Saints 2013

Live Painting: Corporate Events and Fundraising Galas

This is another gathering that is covered by a photographer. Add a live painter to the event and not only take away an unforgettable memento, but have another element of entertainment guests will never forget.  Frenchy partnered with Cisco Systems in 2011 as part of their Partner Summit and captured Irma Thomas live during her opening ceremony performance.  That painting was produced into 1,000 prints which were hand delivered to the guest the very next day.  We Exceed Expectations!!

Live Painting: Cultural Events

The pageantry of parades and festivals are fertile ground for a live painting. Music, performers, food, festive decorations, and  happy people create an energy suitable for a live painting to happen

Live Painting: Weddings

Frenchy sets up at the reception and sketches out the backdrop. As the wedding party rolls on, he interprets moments throughout the evening, translating them to the canvas. Unlike a wedding video that you never watch, a live painting of your wedding is truly unique keepsake.

Outdoor Wedding live painting

Live Painting of Outdoor Wedding


Bring the vibrance and energy of Frenchy to your next event and capture the moment on canvas forever.
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