Frenchy Paints in Hong Kong

Frenchy in Hong Kong: Painting Protest, Music & Live TV

Longtime friend and advocate of Frenchy’s live paintings, Steve Bernstein, invited Frenchy to Hong Kong to cover a series of cultural events.

Painting Finance Live

On the same day as his Squawk Box appearance, Frenchy headed straight to Hong Kong’s Finance Live! to do what he does best; capture the vibe of live musical performances. Finance Live! is a charity rock concert featuring musicians and bands from the city’s bustling financial district. Performers included staff members from Mizuho Securities, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs – seriously, we’re not kidding – and many more. The money raised by the event was donated to Hong Kong Generation Arts, a charity organization that develops, nurtures, and creates opportunities for Hong Kong’s next generation of performing artists. Fundraising, arts, music, and Frenchy; great tastes that taste great together!

Painting the set of Asia Squawk Box

Frenchy’s first stop in Asia was on the set of CNBC’s flagship morning program, Squawk Box, to capture the action and energy of a live, international news broadcast covering views from top CEOs, asset managers and news makers as Asian markets opened for trade. Frenchy painted throughout the broadcast and spoke with lovely co-anchor Susan Li about his history of painting live performances and previous visits to the Far East.

The Art of Rebellion

Frenchy’s trip abroad coincided with some turbulent times in Eastern Asia. As pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong hunkered down in defense of liberty, Frenchy was right there with them to record this historic rebellion on canvas. The “Umbrella Revolution” saw thousands of Hong Kong residents peacefully protesting China’s role in their city government. Just as Frenchy translates the vibrant energy of music to canvas, he seized the opportunity to turn the tension, defiance, and solidarity in the air on the streets of Hong Kong’s financial district into art.

Frenchy Captures Hong Kong Protests

Painting Picnic in the Park

Two days post protest Frenchy brought his paint and brushes to Picnic in the Park. Not far from the Umbrella Rebellion, but a completely different scene, he painted the picturesque scene and family outing. Picnic in the Park is a unique opportunity for aspiring musicians and artists to showcase their talent. Music enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds come together with a common goal of entertaining an audience, doing what they love–giving Frenchy yet another opportunity to do what he loves by nimbly documenting the experience.

Frenchy Paints Picnic in the Park