Frenchy, Art, Fundraising, Beer, & Fiya!

Match Made in Heaven:  Frenchy, Art, Fundraising, Beer, and Fiya Fest!

Continuing his support of his beloved New Orleans and staying true to his position as an unofficial ambassador for the NOLA arts and cultural scene, Frenchy is working with FiyaWerks Productions and NOLA Brewing on this year’s Fiya Fest. The festival will be Friday May 2nd as part of 2014’s New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Fiya Fest is a day of music and crawfish boil – mmmm, mmm! – meant to raise money and awareness for The Roots of Music, an organization that has a mission to teach, support, and empower New Orleans’ youth through music, education, academic support, and mentorship while both preserving and promoting the city’s cultural and musical heritage. Sounds like a perfect place for our boy, Frenchy.

The event will be punctuated by our own NOLA Brewing unveiling its brand new beer, Rebirth Pale Ale. The label will feature three of Frenchy’s original paintings, which will also be debuted that day. In addition, Frenchy will be performing throughout the day, creating live paintings around shows by Maceo Parker, The Headhunters, and many others. The proceeds from Frenchy’s work will also benefit The Roots of Music.

Frenchy’s Wild Ride: Super Bowl XLVII Week

Frenchy’s Wild Ride: Painting Across New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII Week

The Super Bowl XLVII festivities swept through New Orleans last week and Frenchy was at the center of the action.  As TV producers scoured the town looking for the stories and people that capture the heart and soul of NOLA for film shorts and specials. These vignettes would air in and around the game analysis of the Ravens and the 49ers as Super Bowl Fever swept through the city and the country. Frenchy was the natural go-to guy. His personality and long history in the town of painting music, cultural events, and especially sports made Frenchy an obvious choice. He happily served as the ambassador for the city by creating paintings at an incredible pace and appearing on ESPN and CBS as well as dropping by the Ron “Jaws” Jaworski’s Suber Bowl cigar charity party and The Maxim Super Bowl VIP Party sponsored by Patron Tequila to name a few.

Being the cultural ambassador for one of the world’s most vibrant cities can be a busy job. Checkout this rundown of Frenchy’s itinerary over the course of Super Bowl 47 week in New Orleans:

Tuesday, January 29
12pm – 5pm

The crew from CBS spent the night turning an old warehouse into Frenchy’s art studio. Frenchy would be creating 3 different pieces for the film shoot. New Orleans music, paint splashing, and images of the city coming to life and Frenchy doin’ his thing was premise for this teaser piece.

CBS Sports Pregame Film Shoot - Frenchy Tease

Wednesday, January 30
10am – 5pm

Frenchy is recorded working on different paintings. One picture features the Baltimore Ravens, one features the San Francisco 49ers, and one features the coveted Lombardi Trophy. A lot of work, but a very cool final product:

Photography by Zack Smith

Thursday, January 31
1pm – 3pm

Adam Zucker of the CBS Sports Network dropped by Frenchy’s Oak St. gallery to visit with the painter and talk about style as well as the relationship with his beloved New Orleans. Here, Frenchy was putting the finishing touches on a piece called 101 Runners from the recent New Orleans Jazz Fest:

6pm – 12am

Frenchy is on the move. He is now mingling and working at the famous Ron “Jaws” Jaworski Annual Cigar Party at the Bourbon Vieux. Frenchy displayed his series of paintings from ESPN’s Monday Night Football Collection while he worked on yet another piece capturing the night’s event:

Painting of Ron Jaworski super bowl cigar party benefit by Frenchy While working his magic, Frenchy also got the chance to chat with Bill Cowher, Jack Del Rio, Mike Golic, Mike Tirico, and Suzy Kolberg just to name a few:

Friday, February 1, 2013
5am – 9am

No rest for the wicked as they say. Within hours of the last engagement, Frenchy is back at it again. This time with the awesome Mike and Mike in the Morning gang from ESPN. Frenchy hung out, diligently painting the energy of the French Quarter scenery and crowd. This painting also highlights the crew and host -Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic – of the popular show that is broadcast nationally on ESPN Radio as well on TV at ESPN 2. Can you find Frenchy’s van?

ESPN's Mike and Mike in New Orleans and painted by Frenchy

Frenchy again had the opportunity to hang with some TV and sports legends in Roger Starbach, Drew Brees, Jerry Rice, and Steve Young:

11am – 5pm

Frenchy is still going! ESPN assigned four production personnel to chauffeur him around the city of New Orleans to three famous locations; the Mississippi River, the Superdome, and Bourbon Street to do a series of paintings for ESPN Sunday Countdown.  Two golf carts ferried Frenchy and crew around the French Quarter for a very ambitious project.  He had 30 minutes to create each of the three paintings. The idea was to drop in ESPN Sports Sunday Countdown personalities to the foreground of these notable N’awlins landmarks. This was challenging and exhausting, but what a ride! Check out these paintings of Chris Berman, Mike Ditka, and the gang:


Chris Berman and Mike Ditka down by the river! (The Mississippi that is)

Chris Berman and Mike Ditka painted by Frenchy near the Missippi River


Chris Mortensen and Adam Shefter in front of the New Orleans Superdome

Frenchy's painting of Chris Mortensen and Adam Shefter at the Superdome

Keyshawn Johnson, Chris Carter and Tom Jackson on Bourbon Street

Tom Jackson, Keyshawn Johnson, and Chris Carter in the French Quarter for Super Bowl 47

10pm – 2am

There is absolutely no stopping Frenchy! On to the New Orleans House of Blues for the Drew Brees Foundation Event. Nelly performed here and Frenchy just got chill out. Finally!

Saturday, February 2
7pm – 9pm

Super Bowl Live airs on CBS Sports Network featuring Adam Zucker’s interview with Frenchy


9pm – 3am

Frenchy hits the Maxim VIP Super Bowl Party sponsored by Patron. This packed event was the toast of the town and so was Frenchy’s painting commemorating the evening:

Maxim VIP Super Bowl Party in New Orleans painted by FrenchyWhile Frenchy painted he had the chance to meet Jean Paul DeJoria (Founder of Paul Mitchell and Owner of Patron), Guy Fieri and many other celebrities and athletes who passed through during the evening.

Sunday, February 3
9am – 2pm

Frenchy’s mad scramble on Friday to produce paintings of the ESPN Sunday Countdown personalities debuted during this show. In order to capture the time-lapse progression Frenchy had to prepare each piece as three pieces – an outline, adding color strokes, and finished product – in order to fit the entire process within the span of the show.

Frenchy also produced a painting of the Sunday Countdown set in action:

Ron Jawarski, Suzy kolberg, and Teddy Bruschi on the set in New Orleans, painted by FrenchyWhile on set, Frenchy got to schmooz, take pics and have discussions with Jerry Rice, Chris Berman, Mike Ditka, Bill Parcels, Suzy Kolberg, Tedy Bruschi, Ron Jaworski, Chris Mortensen, Adam Shefter, Keyshawn Johnson, Chris Carter, Tom Jackson and the entire ESPN Countdown production crew.

11am – 12pm

During Frenchy’s work on the ESPN set, CBS airs “Let the Good Times Roll,” a look at New Orleans’ culture and history featuring Frenchy. CBS recorded this a month before Super Bowl 47 week.


The Frenchy tease (the first thing on his itinerary!) finally airs on the CBS Pre-Game Show:


Team Frenchy relaxes to enjoy Super Bowl 47 after an incredible, fast-paced, and successful week!

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