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Frenchy Live Channel
CBS Super Bowl PreGame Frenchy Tease
Frenchy worked with the CBS Sports PreGame crew over a two day span creating this Commercial / Tease which was aired at 4pm EST on CBS Super Bowl Sunday. Three 4' x 5 paintings were created for this commercial, one representing the Baltimore Ravens, the other representing the San Francisco 49'ers and the final painting of the coveted Lombardi Trophy positioned in front of the Superdome.

Innovative Vinyl Mural with Tulane University

Frenchy Unveils Innovative Vinyl Mural in Collaboration with Tulane University

Frenchy’s artistry and Tulane University recently came together for a remarkable collaboration that left the Uptown New Orleans community in awe. Frenchy, known for his vibrant and expressive artworks, stepped into uncharted territory with his latest project: a massive vinyl mural. This stunning mural spans an impressive 337 inches in width and 140 inches in height, covering not just walls but even seamlessly integrating with doors and door frames to create a visually unified masterpiece.

On a picturesque Wednesday, October 18th, a memorable event unfolded as Frenchy joined the Tulane team at the new facility to present and unveil his unique creation. The moment was nothing short of magical as Frenchy shared a few heartfelt words, marking the occasion by signing the wall in his distinctive style. Adding to the charm of the day, his son Leo also left his mark on the mural, making it a family affair. This artistic endeavor symbolizes a union of creativity, culture, and education, bridging gaps between different worlds and leaving a lasting impression on the vibrant Uptown NOLA community. It’s a testament to the power of art in bringing people together and celebrating the spirit of innovation and collaboration. Frenchy’s mural is not merely an artwork; it’s a symbol of unity and a testament to the beauty that can emerge when art and academia join forces.