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Frenchy Live Channel
CBS Super Bowl PreGame Frenchy Tease
Frenchy worked with the CBS Sports PreGame crew over a two day span creating this Commercial / Tease which was aired at 4pm EST on CBS Super Bowl Sunday. Three 4' x 5 paintings were created for this commercial, one representing the Baltimore Ravens, the other representing the San Francisco 49'ers and the final painting of the coveted Lombardi Trophy positioned in front of the Superdome.

NOLA Brew Rebirth Pale Ale, designed by Frenchy

The most beautiful beer can you’ve ever seen! NOLA Rebirth Pale Ale, designed by Frenchy

On July 14, 2014, NOLA Brewing’s new beer, Rebirth Pale Ale, hit the shelves and invigorated the humdrum greens and browns of beer aisles throughout New Orleans and Louisiana.

The cans, designed by Frenchy, feature Rebirth Brass Band’s Phil Frazier, is a tribute the Grammy Award winning Rebirth Brass Band, and recognition of the band’s fundraising efforts for The Roots of Music, a nonprofit music education program co-founded by Rebirth drummer Derrick Tabb.

Rebirth Pale Ale debuted on draft in April, a portion of proceeds from sales of the beer, both on draft and in cans, go to the organization, which provides free academic and musical instruction to underprivileged children from throughout the city.

So, by drinking this beer, you’re helping kids learn about music. And you’re also drinking it out of a work of art!



Bring the vibrance and energy of Frenchy to your next event and capture the moment on canvas forever.
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